Dear Professor

by Adams and Eves

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"Dear Professor overflows with romance and whimsy, thanks in no small part to singer-guitarist Adam Powell’s allegorical lyrics and the band’s lush arrangements (vibraphone, banjo, accordion, horns, etc.).

But songs about distance (“One Thousand and Eleven Miles Away”), growth (“Underwater Savior Part Two”) and faith (“Mystery”) show emotional depth beyond fairytale romance. Play this when you propose to your cardigan-wearing, Neutral Milk Hotel-loving significant other."
-SD City Beat


released April 23, 2011

Adam Powell - Guitars, Vocals, Saw, Melodica, Oohs, All Instruments on Tracks 09 and 11, Drums on Track 08
Chelsea Powell - Bass Guitar, Ahhs
Laura Powell - Accordion, Ahhs
David Lee - Drums, Oohs, Banjo on Track 04
Megan Lee - Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Tone Bells, Ahhs
Ryan Mudd - Banjo, Trumpet, Oohs

All songs by Adam Powell
Recorded and mixed by Adam Powell and Ryan Mudd
Mastered by Rafter Roberts at Singing Serpent
Album Artwork by Sara Ledgerwood



all rights reserved


Adams and Eves San Diego, California

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Track Name: Sunshine
hang sunshine
gravestone and pine
bodies lie
buried in time
as the shade trees lay shading
the birds sweetly singing
of people who lie
deep down in the flowers
saying God oh my God what a terrible bough
and this bed made of ground
we go in but we never come out

my sunshine
legs wrapped in white
breathe beauty
into the light
of the still and the silence
surrounding you as she rests
softer and deeper
return to the keeper
who meets her and greets her
with love and with favor
we’ll be there together
and see her someday you and I

fifteen I swear I saw her face
waiting for a bus in outer space
emptiness no soft words could fill
the kind of chasm only love can make
vast blackened beaches swallow me
into depths as far as eyes could reach
the weight of night upon the sand
was where I saw her face again

hide sunshine
deep in your mind
are your eyes lost
somewhere in time
as the mountains of memories
play over like movies
you climb them and conquer
their peaks just to find
you’re alone
we look in
but you're up at the top
can you hear us
we see you
lift off and then up to the sky
Track Name: Things I Found Inside My Pocket
seems once again that everything is fallen
and I held your hand as we slipped into the frozen
then spring takes turn and starts to melt
and we laugh and we play as we’ll slip into the ocean

when we get old we’ll have tea for three
me and you for two
all in one
and one for all
you are just like me when we hold hands beneath the sunset
our eyes combine to make something right

but where are we now?
frozen beneath the surface
somethings pulling at my
coat tail as we lay there
we lay there

I write songs about things that never happen
and you sit and think about how fun it would be
If the person that was singing was actually who I was
then you wake up from your dream and realize it’s just me

but am I that bad?
even though sometimes things seems to be
and everyone can see me for who I am
is that such a bad thing?
am I such a bad thing?
Track Name: One Thousand And Eleven Miles
I can understand your reasoning
for high tailing it out of here
I mean who wants beach and sun and sand and summer
three hundred and sixty five days a year?
but Abilene just feels so far away
and Texas has me in this lone star state of mind

but there you are one thousand and eleven miles away
I can think of at least one hundred places
between here and there that would do just fine
and you know I’ll love you no matter where you are
but please don’t go or at least not any further

I can still remember that old fortress
where you and I would spend our time
and it’s shelter from the noise of cars and aeroplanes
that decorate the sky

Texas was so small and far away
and Abilene was just a wild west cliche

but there you are one thousand and eleven miles away
I can think of at least one hundred places
between here and there that would do just fine
and you know I’ll love you no matter where you are
but please don’t go or at least not any further
Track Name: Folding Softly
sitting on the shoreline
consisting something of
microfiber or terry cloth
sticking to my fingers
either way
it envelops your skin
bobbing between
lines of sea salt
and sleepiness
on sleeping breath

folding softly
and drifting out the window
folding softly
and floating out to sea

you’ll come back around
here next year
calling down the day
and summer sun
around your fragile frame
I’ll rest myself
we’ll wrap ourselves up
in each others likeness
and sleep with wings
of brown
and feathered fettered
forest green
Track Name: Underwater Savior
the sun set so quickly
to a warm wet horizon
and laid down its body
to be swallowed up sweet
by an unholy hole in the sea

we swam out to save it
with hope in our hearts
but realized all too quickly
its set for the depths
just beyond the realms of our reach

and if in water we’d waded
the way autumn faded
then perhaps in the slim chance
of finding that light
in the depths of the deepest
of parts in our hearts
we could have it
and hold it
and love it
till morning light comes

you and I darling
are silver-spined star fish
who cling to the mountains
of monstrous creatures
that delve through the depths
and beneath

we live in a world
of dance and fine dining
while involuntarily giving ourselves
to the wondrous world of the sea

the sun sets again
but this time much deeper
and darker than ever
as it slips from our eyelids
and down through the floor boards
to where all our loved ones sleep
tossing and turning
and waiting for us to arrive
Track Name: Underwater Savior Part Two
now are your expanses
of head strong ideals
suddenly the sea
so surrounding and still
as you breathe out
in beautiful bubbles that float to the sky
like silver setting starlight
that once held your eyes

and for a moment
at the lowest of tide
on the crest of a wave
so mountainous and high
your heart and mine
and the sea salt combine
only to be dashed to the rocks
and swept out by the night

so book-bind my memories
bludgeoned by time
and don't be surprised
if you read them to find
some fool hearted finery
replacing reality
I can’t see why
I’d want to remember the truth

that your heart was colder
and blacker than mine
and now I can see
with the passing of time
that the youthful boy fantasies
playing in my mind
drove me further from you
and deeper into my denial
Track Name: Mystery
I could sit along side you in the grass
where the dirt road meets the wilderness
and where my heart toys with it’s loneliness
and in tall tale stories of memories missed
all you’d have to do is ask

but I would never wish you there
or be impressed by the ghosts you’d bear
from the haunted hollowed shallow grave
of fleeting breath I could have saved
my life was never mystery
or swallowed by some grave disease
I longed beyond the forests trees
and found ground rich with barren seeds
yet deep within it’s history
I heard some one's voice beckon me
some faint and humble giving deed
that brought myself and soul to be

oh please, oh please do come with me
to have and love and live you’ll see
such beauty as it willed to lead you
down to soil on bended knee

come plant and sprout and spring with me
we’ll need the breath that others breathe
to thrive
to strive
to see
to be
so never should you fear to sing with me
Track Name: Stars
and when you meet someone
who thinks the world of you
why not think the world of them too

we can’t pick who we’re destined to be with
we can’t choose who we’re liable to lose

but if you think for a moment
that you’ve got some say in the matter
well you’re wrong oh so wrong

you’ve got another thing coming
and I wont be there thumbing
the song that you’ve been strumming
at the corners of your casket
with your hand stuck in the basket
of a love you should have left or lost long ago

now hang your shining sun from the tops of my trees
and when the cold winds blow we’ll see who still believes
and you can wish those shooting stars for the tops of my trees
but when your true love comes just leave and let me be

and when you meet someone
who means the world to you
why not mean the world to them too
Track Name: Holes And Souls
wake and wander
glimmer golden
arms and feet
sweet sister
full of wonder
have you ever noticed trees?

the way their branches sway
much sweeter
to protect your precious face
from all the brightness
of a sun burning jealous of your rays

I’m so blessed beyond my days
oh that somehow
in this whole wide world
of holes and souls
we get to share a name
Track Name: A Fall Of Wet Snow
young mother
rend and wretch
twist and tear
the sheets that sparkle
‘neath your body bare
while your womb weaves
the warmth of bastard sons
to heir the throne of shame
mistakes have spun

dank ditch debris of waste and wayward fare
that flood and feed the cold haymarket stair
consume the life and length of younger wives
with bribes of vile to bride you for a night

there’s something cyanide
in the saliva on your teeth
let loose your lips
or lucidly loose yourself in me
either way
in a day
or two
the three of us will free ourselves
for better lives
beyond confined
Siberian shores
you'll see

young lover lay with arms stretched vast and white
curtain clothed sun streaming in hot and bright
our love may span the lengths of life in years
or flash and flood your face with wasted tears

your mind, mind you is only half of mine
to think I'd lay beside you all my life
such frail futility must be reprised

you terror tainted torn and tepid thing
what sorry songs the spoiled heart must sing...
Track Name: The Doctor
the doctor sat
and stared out at the farmlands
from the single sill of his single bed
his children wept
and lay their hands
upon the open heart
bleeding from his head
as his body bled

where can we find some peace of mind
in this whirl of a wicked world?
do we simply lie in bed and wait
to wake up old with a tale untold?

with a steady hand and a hope deep in the stitch
I sealed his wounds and healed his breath
free to till the land and reap
he took their open hands
and led them to their beds

where can we find some peace of mind
in this whirl of a wicked world?
do we simply lie in bed and wait
to wake up old with a tale untold?